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Beyuda (coming from the word “to learn” in Korean, where the idea started) is a place for Houstonians to come take beginner workshops on a wide range of unique or quirky classes taught by passionate experts. Classes range from baseball scoring to drum making, mixology to hula-hooping. We’re constantly updating our calendar so check back often for new classes.

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Hoopin’ for Beginners

Hoopin’ for Beginners

Hoopin’ for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to run away with the circus? Well here’s your chance! In this 90 minute workshop, students will learn how to hula hoop from professional hula hooper, Madison McBurney from Mad About Hoops. You will also learn a variety of hula hoop tricks and play some team building games. At the end, you’ll be ready to join Cirque Du Soleil!

what to bring                                                what you’ll get

♦  comfortable clothes for hula-hooping               ♦ some hula-hoop tricks up your sleeve

♦ Your favorite hoopin’ snacks or drinks              ♦ some good laughs and an all-around good time

HOOPELECTRICSMeet our expert: Madison

Madison McBurney is a professional hula hooper living in Houston, TX. She started hooping in 2011 as a way to lose weight, but it ended up becoming the biggest confidence booster. By the time she graduated in 2014, she started her own hula hoop after-school company and had lost 25 pounds!


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