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  • Mission in Motion
    January 9, 2016
    10:00 am - 11:00 am

What’s the deal?

This class will help you define your mission in a one-sentence power statement that can change your life!

Everything we do, whether we realize it or not, comes from a subconscious core value. Do you know what yours is? Writing a mission statement consists of identifying that core value and then identifying action words that will allow you to visualize your mission in motion.  Without action, a core value is just a formless concept. It’s what you do with that concept that makes it a mission.


What you’ll get                                                      What to bring

♦ A one-sentence mission statement                     ♦  pen and notebook

Meet Our Expert: Michelle 

Michelle Bowen found her passion to help others discover their own passions when she was a young mom of 2 very active toddlers.  Feeling unfulfilled and unappreciated, she began her journey of discovery by attending a series workshops and spiritual retreats on the subject of PURPOSE.  Not only did she discover her purpose, but everything around her became alive as a result of her enlightenment!  Every role she has had over the years has become an opportunity for her to fulfill her destiny!  Three children and 20 years later, her one-sentence mission statement has remained the same. She still teaches what she has learned to everyone from doctors, firefighters, correctional facilities, homes for abused and neglected youth and her peers.

Michelle’s career consists of over 10 years in Public Relations and Marketing and as of this year, a Realtor.  She is a former volunteer firefighter and has volunteered her marketing services on committees ranging from Emergency Ministries to first responders to The Crisis Intervention Hotline of Houston and numerous others.



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