Coffee Sessions with XELA: Seed to Cup

What’s the deal?

Light, Medium or Dark? Fine or course? Join Xela Coffee Roasters for the very first Coffee Sessions. In this class, you will learn where coffee comes from, why we roast coffee, and three different techniques for how to brew your own coffee at home. Seed to Cup will be an introduction to coffee, allowing the daily coffee consumer to experience coffee from different regions around the world. We will be looking at raw coffee, roasted coffee, brewed coffee and everything in between.

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What you’ll get                                                                   What to bring

♦ Tastes of 3 different styles of brewing                               ♦  All your coffee questions

♦ Taste of coffee from 3 different regions

♦ Xela Roasters coffee sample

♦ Small cold brew bottle

♦ Coffee recipes

Meet our Experts: Xela Coffee Roasters (Benji, Robin and Kaitlin)BENJIROBINXELA

XELA (pronounced shey-lah) Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster located in Houston, TX that serves freshly roasted specialty-grade coffees.  At XELA we are about quality, innovation, knowledge and exceptional sourcing. Every coffee has been carefully evaluated, tasted, and brewed to ensure the maximum potential of flavor and character bloom in your cup. Our aim is to present coffee that we love and enjoy at the handcrafted level.

Xela Started in 2014 and is comprised of Benji Aguilar, Robin Aguilar and Kaitlin O’Brien.  Together each person has a specialty field that has helped launch Xela into the specialty coffee world. With more than 10 years coffee experience between the team, our goal is to roast with integrity, and serve in new and exciting ways.

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